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A 12-part video series for teenagers

LifeSteps is a powerful and dramatic look into the emotional life of teens as they grapple with the vexing problems and mounting challenges of the complex transition to adulthood. Called "an invaluable addition to school-based curriculum" by the Midwest Book Review and winner of 24 major national awards, including the Parent's Choice Gold Award, LifeSteps helps teens develop the character and social-emotional skills to become responsible, knowledgeable, caring and successful.

Hosted by one of America's most trusted and respected youth counselors, Michael Pritchard uses his uncanny ability to foster lively, spontaneous, teen-centered discussions to give students insight on how to become the best people they can be. The series uses culturally-sensitive material that reflects a multi-ethnic student population and is an excellent enhancement to any Character Education, SEL or Life Skills program. This emotionally-charged series brings remarkable clarity and a profoundly positive approach to the very real and painful issues facing teens today: alcohol and drug abuse, teen violence, precocious sexuality, academic pressures, social isolation, depression, suicide, cruelty, racism and bullying.

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