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The 12-part
LifeSteps is available on VHS and DVD. It is priced for institutional use and each program includes a printed leader's guide and public performance rights. Programs are approximately 30 minutes in length.

Individual Titles: $74.95 Each

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The ABC's of Emotional Intelligence
Knowing Who You Are
Taking Charge
Bouncing Back
Empathy, Caring and Compassion
Creative Problem Solving
Getting Along With Others
Building Character
Developing Healthy Relationships
Doing Your Best

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LifeSteps Series Description:

1. The ABC's of Emotional Intelligence
This vital program outlines the key elements of emotional intelligence - Assets, Balance and Character - as students discover they have the power to bounce back, balance emotional and academic demands and make positive choices.
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2. Knowing Who You Are
Self-knowledge, the most fundamental life skill is promoted as teens learn how to reflect on their own behavior, learn from experience and develop the integrity and moral character to resist peer pressure.
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3. Taking Charge
This critical program builds the emotional skills of responsibility as students integrate the fundamentals of self-control: taking charge of their emotions coping with stress, avoiding impulsive behavior, developing self-discipline and managing anger.
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4. Bouncing Back
In this indispensable program, students learn the essentials of resiliency - how to identify internal strengths and external support, build perseverance and maintain a positive sense of self-worth and optimism. The complex issues of depression and suicidal thoughts are also explored.
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5. Empathy, Caring and Compassion
Students explore the critical skills that make up empathy: the importance of compassion and the moral imperative to help others in need - particularly the victims of bullying.
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6. Creative Problem Solving
This central video presents the LifeSteps Eight Point Problem-Solving Program, which teaches teens how to identify problems, deal with them forthrightly, brainstorm creative options and choose positive solutions.
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7. Getting Along With Others
Teens discover positive ways to assert themselves, express complaints, handle misunderstandings and block rumors as they apply the key social skills of mediation, negotiation, active listening and I-messages.
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8. Building Character
Teens develop the elements of good character as they learn to navigate complicated dilemmas of adolescence: What to do when friends are making bad choices about drugs, stealing, lying to parents and drinking and driving. Moving portraits of courage and will power are spotlighted.
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9. Respect
Fosters respect as the fundamental value of democracy in a diverse society. Barriers to respect, such as prejudice and bigotry, are explored as students learn that empathy and respect are the basis of all healthy relationships.
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10. Responsibility
Teens master the first rule of responsibility: to do no harm to themselves or others as they confront difficult choices about sex. Dependability and trustworthiness are championed as students learn to ask themselves the guiding question: What is the most important thing I need to be doing right now?
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11. Developing Healthy Relationships
Teens learn to build their own personal support system, recognize true friends and develop positive refusal skills. Also advances the critical skill of negotiating with parents.
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12. Doing Your Best
This inspirational program instills the essential skills of success: motivation, commitment, goal setting, persistence and the power of self-confidence and optimism. An appreciation of excellence is stressed.
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Winner of 24 major national awards, including:

Parent's Choice Gold Award
Platinum Aurora Award: Best of Show
Creative Excellence Award - US International Film and Video Festival
First Place, The Columbus International Film and Video Festival
Parent's Guide Award
Winner, Telly Awards
Silver and Bronze Remis, WorldFest Houston
Runner Up, National Council of Family Relations Media Awards
Certificate of Merit - Intercom, Cinema/Chicago
Bronze Omni Award
Finalist, New York Festivals
Awards Portfolio 2004 Winner, What's New Magazine
Finalist, Distinguished Achievement Awards, AEP

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