LifeSteps has received widespread recognition



Winner of 24 major national awards, including:

Parent's Choice Gold Award
Platinum Aurora Award: Best of Show
Creative Excellence Award - US International Film and Video Festival
First Place, The Columbus International Film and Video Festival
Parent's Guide Award
Winner, Telly Awards
Silver and Bronze Remis, WorldFest Houston
Runner Up, National Council of Family Relations Media Awards
Certificate of Merit - Intercom, Cinema/Chicago
Bronze Omni Award
Finalist, New York Festivals
Awards Portfolio 2004 Winner, What's New Magazine
Finalist, Distinguished Achievement Awards, AEP



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LifeSteps is an invaluable addition to school-based curriculum supplementation and is ideal for use by community center social workers and youth counselors helping "at-risk" teenagers.

-Midwest Book Review                  

These videos would make an excellent addition to any library YA collection. Teachers can use these powerful, insightful videos as discussion starters.

 -School Library Journal                 

No-nonsense program about choices, courage and intelligent decision-making... honest, true-to-life stories with tough situations, rather than a bunch of platitudes about self-awareness... Recommended.

-Video Librarian                               

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LifeSteps is a unique evidence-based tool for those who wish to advance their students' character, resiliency and emotional intelligence. The engaging video-discussion format provides a safe context for discussing matters that teens find important and take seriously - their identity, relationships, how to bounce back from setbacks, substance abuse, their goals for the future, conflict resolution and how to become a responsible, respectful and respected person.


Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D., Rutgers University,
Vice Chair, Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning

I was first introduced to you in school on a videotape in health class. When teachers put a tape on, it's a free period for many, but I sat there and listened and understood. You really touched my heart. I wanted to hug you after the video was over but it was physically impossible.


Imajin414, Student

Teachers, administrators and parents will be amazed at Michael Pritchard's natural ability to talk with young people about making smart choices. This thought-provoking video series will serve as a springboard for further classroom discussion aimed at building and supporting resilient behavior in teens. Michael Pritchard is a national treasure.


Sam Blank, Director of Conflict Resolution Programs, NYC Schools

I recently had the great pleasure of viewing your Public Television specials. I was astonished. Thank you so much for your insights and for listening to young people with compassion and understanding. Sir, I am impressed more than I can tell you, and I can only imagine what great effects the piece must be having on the students who see it. I thank you with all my heart for making a difference.


Lindsay G. Barnett (Parent)

I cannot tell you how much your programs have meant to me... You have given me newfound faith in working with the Youth of America... What you are doing really matters.


Matthew Allard, Youth Counselor

I wish I had someone like you when I was growing up.


Mother of teens

I want you to know that my children were glued to the television the entire time this series was aired on our Public Television station. Thank you for this video.


Shay Lowther, Parent

Pritchard's amazing in his ability to get kids to talk. It's really unbelieveable. I've never seen anybody quite so good at listening to children and asking good questions. It's really delightful.


Alice Cahn, past president, Television Film & Video Group
Children's Television Workshop

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